Baby Pattern

I don’t think I’m the only pervert mom in this world who loves to see my baby cry. Night time when he wakes up for milk, dun care 3-7-21, open his eyes he will cry. The upper lips will sharpen, with his mouth open, sometimes it looks more like shouting with tears. When my father came to visit, he loved to hear Baobao cry when he woke up for his night feeds.

It’s an expression, of nonchalance and oblivion. There is only one thing is his mind, he doesn’t care if he wakes up the dog sleeping in the kitchen on the lower floor. Nor for Ah Por sleeping in the room accross the hall, nor Kakak who works so hard in the day.

Well, neither does his father care much about his crying though. Sleep through the night ? sure – his father.

Picture of power isn’t it? For someone this small, to open his mouth and just shout for what he wants, loudest he can. Because he looks so cute crying, I’m guilty of holding back the milk for a little longer to enjoy the expression. What a brat! So fun to watch.

When he used to need me to rock him to sleep at night, sometimes, say if I sneeze when he just got into sleep, it would sent him bawling away. The whole expression, though just sounds like ” WAAAAH” actually meant ” I am nearly sleeping already! Why can’t you sneeze later? It’s very difficult to get to sleep you know! *complain*complain*complain*complain *complain*complain* complain*complain*complain*complain*complain*”.

And then when he got over it, from “WAH !”, slowly he downgrades the cry to…”OOH”….O… er…er…it got softer and softer until he fell asleep again.

Last night he was playing in the hall, then suddenly, he began to grimace. We asked, “What happened?”. In a couple of cough-like cries, which sounded like hunger, I asked “Want to drink milk milk?” – Miaaaaaaah !

Now that he doesn’t speak yet, whenever I ask him if he wants milk milk, if he’s hungry, he indicates by making coughing crying sound.

These few nights, when Papa returned from work, he would crawl very fast towards the door and smile with his eyes close. Such a fake smile. Papa said to him,” 你酱可爱啊?不要酱爬啦!你关住眼睛爬爬,等下撞到东西“ …so funny…Papa so practical.

Caught on film the night before, his expression of enjoyment when Papa kissed his arms. He stopped in his crawling position and sat still and smiled.

I told Papa, ” Never see you kiss me like that these days!” humph.

I’ve been filming him as much as I can when I am at home. A lot of his manners now will be short-lived and will keep changing. Last time I used to only film special expressions. But now I realise he changes so fast, any footage from before, even though with no special expression will be precious in the future. Just showing how he moves now will be interesting in future. My hardisk is bursting from this.

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