Mid Autumn Festival

I always have very good memories of the Mooncake Fest ever since I move here.

2001 was xyy friends came over to party. We made merry, then pop over to Sembawang Park to parade our lanterns.


When the last maid, Hartati was still here, I lit up the house one year and danced around Ah Por, making her really really happy.

2004, we went to the rooftop garden and met a couple who lit up one tree with many lanterns. We joined them and contributed our lanterns.

This year, it was a huge party at the rooftop garden. The whole family went down to the garden. Dear and I, Baobao, the maid and Ah Por. To our delight, the garden was teeming with people. Mainly parents with their children. There was lights and lanterns everywhere. Some brought mooncake and tea. Some brought their dogs. There were teenagers, in groups of their own ( who needs to be with parents at that age?).

I have never seen a busier time at the garden ! It was buzzing with laughter and excitement that night. The garden is big, it stretches across 4 blocks of flats and different people populated different spots. But most congregated near the playground. SO many children

Ah Por was very happy. We pushed her to a part of the garden where she had a good view of all the children playing. I asked her if she was happy and she smiled. She hadn’t left the house in a few months ! Yah, that’s how much I’ve been neglecting her. I need to push her out more often. It’s not as difficult as it seems. She cannot sit well in the wheel chair because her back has been straightened from the prolonged lying. So she keeps slipping off the chair. Plus the uneven garden tiles, we had to keep pulling her up. But she really loved it, being there. My happiness is complete when Ah Por is happy

The maid was very happy too. She loves kids, so she sat with Ah Por while we pushed Baobao around on his bike.

Baobao enjoyed seeing so many people. Papa brought him to the doggie to get him to pat him, but he dare not touch the dog. This Papa, eversince having had Baobao become very “uncle” liao. While I would be too shy to do it, he would take Baobao to join a group of aunties to interact with their kids or dogs. At Shize’s wedding in May, he carried Baobao to the front of the stage to let him see the clown performance more clearly. Typical uncle pattern. I mean, that’s what grandfathers do isn’t it? 😛

The kids are lovely. I’ve never known SO MANY kids live in our surrounding blocks. There was a couple of kids 3-5 yo who were playing some candles and when it was time to go home, their father asked them to blow out the candles. After the deal, one kid complained, ” But Papa! I only managed to blow out one, they finished up the rest…”

“Orh, it’s okay, blow out one is okay, you got one right?”

So cute. Both my maid and I smiled at that.

I’m so happy to see the Mid Autumn Festival still very much celebrated here. Those lanterns, the candles, the mooncakes and tea and of course, Dear Old Mr Moon, who even with the haze, shone high and bright over us that beautiful night. Mid Autumn Festival will always remain a lovely tradition to me.

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