Baobao Walks

Monday I was let off early from work. Reached home early. Baobao was abit sluggish. he sat on the stroller in the hall watching the VCD of children songs which I had bought for him. Kakak was bathing Taipo in the room. Would you believe it, my ‘hyperactive’ boy can sit through the whole VCD which is about 1 hour. I don’t.

But I saw he did pay attention through out.

That was yesterday, he did not make too many steps in the 1.5 hours I was with him before rushing off for a wedding dinner.

Then last evening – when I returned home, suddenly he could do many steps already. 12345678. Toddling accross the hall in a drunkard manner. And then bump! falls onto the floor on his hands or bums, obviously very pleased with himself. We would applaud him after a particularly long stretch, but he doesn’t understand the accolade. Just basking in his newfound capability.

Kakak and Papa both were looking abit concerned though. Because this little guy just learn walking but hasn’t fully understood traffic rules. Going places where he shouldn’t be, and not looking out enough.

So much progress in just one day. He was just starting some hands-free last Monday. Been most hard working. Standing, squatting and making small steps. Just like when he learnt crawling. Relentless. The spirit is so so nice to watch. I’m so proud of him, not for the motion, but for the spirit. I love to see that spirit in action. As for the motion – very unprofessional, but very beautiful. You should see the smile on his face.

Feel like singing, “He’s got the whole world in his hands…the whole world in his hands…”

From the way I talk about it, you’d be forgiven for thinking my son has just won an Olympic gold.

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