Edited – Diaper Accounting

Diapers. Have to get XL because my 大只佬 has outgrown his L diapers.

I let him wear Mamy Poko in the day ; Petpet at night. Mamy Poko is softer. Petpet is stiffer and Baobao gets pink scratches on his crotch when he wears and plays in it.. I switched to Mamy Poko since it’s softer. I imagine that him being a baby, not being able to communicate his discomfort, might end up being edgy and restless due to the discomfort.

Every time I go to NTUC to get new supplies, I linger around the shelf near Pampers for some time. Each time wanting to try but prohibited by the crazy price difference. Some price comparison shows this:-

Brand Price Qty Unit Price

Petpet $13.90 60 $0.23

Mamy Poko $16.70 55 $0.30

Pampers $29.90 60 $0.50

Baobao has only used Pampers once and that was when he was newborn. At Thomson Medical Centre, they use Pampers. I can’t remember how fantastic it is now, to warrant that price. They don’t have samples for me to feel it. Once at NTUC, there was some kind of promotion for Pampers, after which it was still way too expensive then other brands. But I have seen parents pack them on like they were free. Piques my curiosity. – but never enough to make me pay $29.90 for a mere 60 of them. Stingy > Curious.

50 cents for about 3-4 pees? And then throw. And cannot be so much more comfy than Mamy Poko. Unless one day they dare claim it’s so comfy you wanna change your own skins for it. hehe.

We have also tried Drypers. Not fantastic. A little more expensive than PetPet, but even stiffer papers! They keep pushing Drypants in the market and tries to convince us babies as early as 6 months can wear them.

Drypants costs about $1 per piece ok ?! Redundant cost to me. Unless baby is more mobile and active, diapers are as good as pants. Pants becomes more relevant when baby is active and moves around.

Then there was once when Baobao was less than a month old we got really cheapskate and bought him Fitti Basic. I kept laughing each time when I changed him because it really looked like cottonwool in a trash bag. Wrapping my newborn in a trashbag. Hahahah. Whenever we mention Fitti Basic, we still have a good laugh. I don’t mean people using Fitti Basics are cheapskates. I mean we were because we could afford better but were trying to minimise every costs. Anyway, we must have bought the last pack of Fitti Basics in Singapore because we have never seen it again afterwards. Ah, should have kept the pakaging if we had known it was a limited edition. Trashbag edition.

Sometime later, I got more cheapskate – turning to cloth diapers. Ok, maybe not for being cheap, but hoping to be more environment friendly. But to my horrors (!!!!!) you have to change him everytime he wets it! (Horrors of all horrors! ) – that’s inexperience mom for you. And then later switch back – that’s the lazy mom.

I’m sure alot of parents have been through this piece of accounting. I had done this before with Ah Por’s diapers. It has always been fun standing at the supermarket aisle calculating unit diaper cost, getting excited by new brands or do the same old sums again each time you upgrade the diaper size . And come back to the same conclusions.

For now, I will pay a little more to buy him more comfort in the day. At night, since no activities, Petpet. Absorbency wise, they are quite comparable.

Edited : – Last evening when I went to NTUC, realised I have been buying Mamy Poko at $0.50 per piece all along! Couldn’t get my Dear on the phone and eventually both bought a pack of XL home. Have to consider Pet Pet liao. This is way ex, man. Soli huh, wrong info.

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6 Responses to Edited – Diaper Accounting

  1. 双喜妈 twinsmom says:

    actually pampers not as good as mamypoko, I still prefer momypoko, and as for the drypants they girls are using now(actually only isabelle, that lazy bum), very 贴身, good for isabelle, and absorbency is very good I will say.

  2. earthtone says:

    Drypants soft boh? Drypers not so soft. Kat Kat.

  3. 双喜妈 twinsmom says:

    drypants very soft don’t worry, but now baobao not yet potty train no need to use the pant mah.

  4. Mama Bok says:

    Chloe is using a local brand here too. We used to use Pampers when she was much younger.. but then the local brand here is just as good as Pampers and Huggies.. it’s not cheap either.. at 32 cents a piece. And that Chloe of mine..! uses alot of diapers.. aday..!!

  5. earthtone says:

    aiyah…I remember wrongly..! Mamy Poko actually very ex! it’s about pamper’s price also… my baobao better switch back to PetPet soon

    Twinsmom – ok ok …pants so ex lah!

    Mama Bok – 32cents also not cheap hoh..most sim tia is when baru change for them they poop! ai ya ya ! “You think diapers grow on trees ah! ”

    how many pieces of diaper does chloe use each day? Baobao about 4-5, I think.

  6. Mama Bok says:

    When Chloe was Bao Bao age.. she uses ALOT..!! like 8 a day..!
    now she uses.. 4 – 5.. depending on when she poops.. 😉

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