Cheeky Boy

During WK’s wedding last week, a friend said Baobao looked grumpy when not smiling. Hmm.. I never notice that. I always think he’s such a happy and friendly kid.

He’s most serious when ‘reading’, actually, that is thumbing the books. If there’s one thing those books I got for him have done good, it could be the motor skill department. He is able to sit through and quietly thumb through them when he gets interested.

Thinking of getting more books, but then, I’m afraid too many of those colours just gets too gawdy sometimes.

Sat night during bedtime, Papa was lying on one side of the mattress while I read to Baobao his bedtime stories. He watched me read and tried to flip the pages here and there for me. We were going through, reading….then suddenly,


On his snoring, I stopped reading and turned to Baobao. He looked back at me. It was all quiet except for Papa’s snoring. After a while, we began to laugh. This Baobao, he actually got that right. He turned back and pranced on Papa. Poor Papa got a scare.

This happened two more times afterwards but I stopped him cause Papa very poor thing, scared from his sleep.

When Baobao laughed with me that night,  it’s like he shared the joke thoroughly and knew exactly what I was laughing about.

He loves to creep up to our backs and “AHA!” prance onto our backs. He did this to Uncle Fish yesterday. And we had to clue Fish in to pretend to be very traumatised by his prancing (“Ayayaya! “) and then he would be very happy and kept laughing away. 

Playful like a kitten.

Very bossy too. If I put my hands somewhere he doesn’t like, he has to push me away. I am also very persistent, will always put my hands back to try to make him impatient. We could do this like forever and I still enjoy it.

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