I don’t wear jewellery much. Couple of rings and bracelet here and there, one or two from marriage. Rest are fake ones I bought at 3 for $10.

Everyone wears a wedding band. But for us, it’s the traditional gold ring. We started off wearing white gold bands. I kept dropping it during sleep and thought I lost it. Each time inviting very frustrasted look from my Dear, frowning, meaning, ” You don’t value the ring enough leave it lying around and lose easily such an important item hoping I will get a newer more expensive one which I will not so you better keep your rings on properly and don’t tell me again you lost it in your sleep or somewhere or I’m gonna give you the same old look again.”

Guilt-ridden, I obediently guard my wedding band fiercely.

Until during my grandmother-in-law’s funeral, someone lost his own ring.  Yup. Not in his sleep. It was unrecoverable, really lost as in L-O-S-T, cannot find back, the dog ate it, my grandmother took it kind of LOST.

Guilt-ridden, as in REALLY have indeed done something wrong and ashamed of himself, not the type which you thought you lost it but actually it was not lost and you find it near you bed kind of guilt-ridden, he took the gold rings his grandmother had given us during our wedding and got it engraved with our names at the gold smith.

So that’s how I ended up wearing this old-fashioned ah lian gold ring from some Ang Mo Kio Chye Kim Gold Smith when everyone else wears tifanny/goldheart/leehwa white gold band. 

He would have been skewered, if not for the fact that I actually do like this old-fashioned ah lian gold ring from some Ang Mo Kio Chye Kim Gold Smith.  

Yeah, I like ah lian gold. Gimme ah lian gold anyday and I’ll still love you. Someone once told me, “Oh, you like gold too, me too, I like Italian gold, those lightly coloured gold.”

I replied, ” No, I like urine gold.”

It’s also sentimental to us that these rings were given to us from his grandmother.

Now I have a new jewellery.

I love it when I have guests at home  and the baby walks around, when he’s tired, he comes to me and sits on my lap or holds onto my legs for support.  

While the diamond ring symbolises your man’s love for you, the baby expresses his reliance and love for you by clinging on to you. That’s flattery in its own way. It’s probably kind of vain but I bask in it.

Although, if I DO get a diamond ring in the region of say 1.5 carat, that would nice.

So nice.. “You” know what I mean?

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