I’m hoping that by writing, it brings me therapy.

Nothing is wrong. Everything is going as usual. I went to check with the gynae for my cyst and he said I’m cleared, need not follow up anymore.

I’m feeling a little like flu but not full blown. Had difficulty getting out of bed today so I called in sick.

Like something’s bothering me, but it’s nothing. Not even PMS.

Maybe it was the heavy work week in the past weeks. Been crazy since Jayson left for Canada in place of me. Half way through the audit, I told the auditor, ” Oh I miss Jayson!” to which she replied, “Me too! ” hahahahha… Jayson always has all the answers.

After working so hard, it was good to know my current boss intends to get a temp person in. Oh it’s about time, ’cause we seem to have been working so hard with one man down. It had been so tight I didn’t and couldn’t plan well for Baobao’s 1 yo birthday. What we did was a bit out of convenience for me. I did not get him anything as presents.

A gold chain for remembrance? Guys don’t care for these…Toys? He uses it just for a while, same for clothings, food etc.

I have thought up a real lame excuse in case he asks me in future, ” Mommy, what did you give me for my 1 yo present? ”

“I gave you a life! Enough?!”

hahhahahaha..kidding. Was thinking of getting him a unit trust fund. Someone had done the sums that if you invest 10,000 for him at birth, he becomes a millionaire at 65 at some interest rates.  

What would Baobao really really like, as of now? Well, he seems happy just walking about the house the whole day.  

Oh, someone pissed me off at work last week, maybe that’s why? I cannot get pissed. Hurts my chi each time someone does that. Ahoo, ahoo, ahoo…

I guess I’m gonna be fine, going to work tomorrow. My colleagues will cheer me up.

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