Last week at Jurong East Interchange, as I shuffled with the crowd into the north bound train after work, someone called out my name,


Seated right before me was ZH. He stood up to give the seat to me, but I rejected,

“No, no, I’m not pregnant, no need to give up the seat for me.”

It was a Thursday evening, and he was on his way to JB to get bus tickets, so that he could go home on Friday to see his wife and gals.

So we had a chat on the journey.

It was like old times, as we conversed loudly inside the train, as if we were still 20 years old like before. Like meeting your school friend. You go back to being teens when you talk to each other again.

He got off at Kranji, telling me he had written a song for his daugther and would like me to write the lyrics for him.

“Er….dunno leh, I haven’t written in a long time.” (Some more if I still can write of course I write for my baobao first lah..)

“Nevermind, just try, I like your lyrics..”


Two days later, he sent the music file to me via email…

Hmm…me, no inspiration. Songwriting is a habit. if you don’t do it regularly, it becomes very foreign. Somemore have to rack my brain for those rhymes and reason. Don’t feel like disturbing my brains these days. It’s stone enough as it is already.


This week I met my university classmate at Dover MRT. She’s already a mom of two. She told me she still meets up regularly with two other classmates. I left her my hp #. Let’s hope she would call me next time when they meet.

My second year classmates were a damn fun lot. Very very ki siao one. And all very smart, we could get together and crack jokes like no tomorrow. They left me with the best varsity memories.

They are funny but that’s where we end. We din have much of a relationship. Just pure sing song talk cock friends. Except for my boss, I don’t keep in contact with anyone of them anymore. This was the high-flyer bunch with mostly bankers and audit firm partners. Some married overseas to US and Japan. One is even the wife of the Sakae Sushi boss. See? Big deal huh?

Last few years when the economy was bad, all dunno went where to hide liao. Now the good times are back, we keep bumping into one another again. Maybe won’t be long before we hook up and have a class reunion again.

Been a decade and now, we have all gone so far. It will be interesting to meet up with them again. And get awed with their achievements.

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