SISTIC – Consumer Unfriendly

Booking tickets via SISTIC, I have a feeling that instead of the “customer is king”, the whole experience feels like “SISTIC is king”.

Sad to say, SISTIC comes off the experience as very high-handed. Whatever cutsomer service there should be is almost not existent. Customers are expected to play by all its rules.

First, I couldn’t get onto the website using my dial-up. Took me many minutes, the website did not get loaded. Had to get some broadband to get on it.

I wanted to book tickets for the Chinese musical  音乐剧《金沙》 Musical Immortality At seat allocation, due to unsatisfactory reaults, I tried several times. But all of them returned similar results. 2 tickets and I go the the extreme side. So it means the centre chunks are sold out? No, when I tried ordering three, I was given seats nearer to the centre.

Not being able to choose seats is the lousiest thing you can have when going to a show, especially when you are paying like $68 per person. Even airlines let passengers choose their seats. They block out those that are taken and let you choose the remaining. Erm, means have to pay >$1,000 before can choose huh? Wait, I think Shaw lets me choose seats at $8.50 per movie too.

I called the hotline and was answered by a less than enthusiastic customer service officer about how it’s the same at her terminal and internet, so no preference to choosing seats. (read – same same so please DIY)

Collection at agents costs 20 cents. See below :

Delivery Method
Select Your Delivery Method
  @@ Collection* from Authorised Agents no later than 1 day (by 8pm) before show time – S$0.20
  @@ Collection* from Event Venue on event day 1 hour before show time – S$1.00
  @@ By Mail** – S$1.00
  @@ By Registered Mail** – S$3.00
  @@ By Courier** – S$15.00

Some more by mail, if lost not SISTIC problem ok?

** Mail delivery available to Singapore addresses and for 7 days advance booking. Not available for general admission events. Please note that SISTIC shall not take responsibility for undelivered mail.

Need 7 days meh? And postage $0.23 only, why $1.00?

Cannot choose seat, must ownself collect or pay for ticket to come. Then postage take so long and so ex and if mail lost, SISTIC not responsible. Wah, ticketing business sound like easy mah, maybe I should go into the business.

End of giving my details, it said – by clicking OK, its means I agree to SISTIC terms and condition that SISTIC has the right to contact you for matters concerning the purchase (DUH, why else should you contact me for?) and then it also says and you agree to receive

@@ future shows by this organiser

@@ sistic shows

@@ others

(suppose to check the box infront, which by default was all checked )

After having worded what was so fucking obvious in a high-handed way in the beginning, you still expect I will agree to receive promotional materials from you? Who the hell worded those paras need some ganaji on his or her head.

I’m sorry, must be I very uncouth, haven’t been to many cultural performances in eons and that the ticketing experience had been as such since Adma met Eve, and that because I lived in the mountain, I think my money so big, pay $140 and expect SIA service izzit ?

That will just be one time, SISTIC. Be sure though I’m going to talk about this happy experience with a lot more people, for a long time.

Cultural performance is a luxury good, and organisers will do well to step up their customer service, when marketing it. Choosing a good ticketing agent, is a good start.

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