Things II

It’s not that I do not like ‘material’ things. I luuuurrrrve them. Especially nowadays there are so many pretty commercial goods that makes window shopping so fun~

But I’m lousy at shopping. Shopping is about impulse. All the years I spent as a jobless bum has made me count and count and count before I spend money. These days, I can walk down Orchard Road and back three times and still go home empty handed.

Trust me I love love love those handbags, clothes, ear rings  and toys and such. BUT, I’m shopping challenged.


Here’s my shopping logic.

Clothes – Buy for what? So fat wear what also like a bin. Don’t waste money.

Handbags + Ear Rings + Shoes + Make up + Hair Cut= Accessories.

If Fat -> ugly , cannot wear nice clothes, then what use is all the accessories ?

So you see how much money I save on dresses and apparels just being fat? 

Cute stuffs – stuff toys, key chains, photo frames  = Clutter, so No.

Toys – I do indulge in toys though. Have made a resolution, even if not buy for Baobao, I will buy for myself if I like. Thanks to Baobao, my toys world has opened up.

Baobao’s clothes – so many already. Some more I can knit special style for him.

Now, since I like crafts so much, how about craft stuffs ? Fabrics, colour papers, scissors, stickers.   – No time to do.

Cooking stuffs ? Oven, utensils, raw materials for cooking, seaweed for sushi, special seasonings for terriyaki? – No time. I have last times bought these while shopping at supermarkets. Only to have them sit in my kitchen till they perished. I don’t trust myself anymore. The images that flashed in my minds while walking down the supermarket aisle about delicious cooked food are mere illusions.

 We just threw out some dumpling leaves last week which I bought to make dumplings about , erm 4 years ago. I made them, those are leftovers, then they sat on the kitchen shelf for 4 years.  I now still have some whipped cream sitting in the freezer from the cake I made for my Dear’s birthday in…*cough*..February this year. Waiting till it expires to throw them out. Throw now? NO!! so wasteful you know.

The wastage we generate…*sigh*

Apart from countless experience of buying things which I don’t use, cannot finish using, there’s the constant nag of wasting earth’s resources at the back of my mind.

Take the plastic bag for instance. Buy nasi lemak from hawker, he gives us a plastic carrier to bring the packet of nasi lemak home. Upon reaching home, if you throw away the carrier – SINFUL.

From the time the miners mine and extract crude oil – to when the crude oil gets transported to refineries and go through many rounds of processing till it gets to the plastic factory to manufature the bag, till it goes through wholesalers, retailers, to the hawker store, to our hands. The material went through many hands and finally it gets to its useful stage.

Then we use the bag to carry food from say the hawker centre to home – then throw! HOLLERMAMA…what a huge waste! amitabha.

I’m not going to scream environmental protection because it’s been done to death and each time someone mentions it *yawn*

BUT I do believe, what goes around, comes around. One day, we are all going to pay for this – over consumerism. Maybe what? we’re gonna all perish at one go or something likethat. Until then, keep the party going…What can I, one person, do anyway?

Anyways, that’s why I don’t buy things. It’s a suffer. Sometimes I feel like taking a huge stack of cash to go out and throw and just buy with abandon. Shopping IS thereupuetic, I swear it is! But the scrimp and save and all the above buying habit is too deeply entrenched. Sigh…what’s life if you can’t enjoy while you can right?

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