Coming Soon : Password Protected Posts

I’m going Mama’s Bok way.

Not that I have any enemies. Just in case. Mainly for the safety of my work. We have very tight security at work. Cannot use camera phones plus many many restrictions. I dun want to be caught on the wrong side. Never know, I’ll feel safer that way.

 Also I bitch too much. I will protect most of my bitching posts. Dun want the world to know I’m so bitchy….heh. ( oh dun they already?)

I’m taking time to compile my distribution list of the password to my protected posts.

Now it includes :-

  1. My Dear 
  2. Twinsmom
  3. Mama Bok
  4. Jason
  5. Munkit
  6. Greenapple
  7. Bloggie
  8. Michelle

Poor them. Haha.

YAH. I so few friends only, CAN?! 😦

Not lah, kidding. Please email me if you are not on the list and want to be included. My addy at the character intro page. If you love my blog and me, don’t be shy to let me know you have been lurking. I won’t be surprised, given my big ego, I assume everyone loves me and want to kiss the screen at my blog HOHOHO 😀

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