Historical SMSes

For nostalgia sake, I still have these SMSes inside my handphone, even though I have changed two phones since!

The night before ……

sleeping now but have to carry him. he cries when awakes by noise” 

Sender:Husband+65XXXXXXX  Sent: 6-Feb-2006 23:50:25

“nurse let me brings him to an aircon room. now sleeping after a long cry. u take a good rest too.2moro a long day”

Sender:Husband+65XXXXXXX Sent: 7-Feb-2006 00:03:29

Before the ops..

“baby just gone into op room. he looked fine and i think he had enough sleep. i’m now at the foodcourt.”

Sender:Husband+65XXXXXXX Sent: 7-Feb-2006 08:43:32

After the ops…

“Great! Told u he will be doing very fine. Let me know his room no. when he get back to the normal ward. If u can’t go in icu, then better take a rest so that can take care of him later”

Sender:LunchKaki +65XXXXXXX Sent: 7-Feb-2006 11:48:41

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