Zoo 动物园


Baobao was screaming to get out of the house, so we brought him to the zoo.

看,有4 只象。爸爸教他象鼻子长长, 他见了象,就把右手举起,比长鼻子。

That’s 4 elephants for you. 3 grey and 1 beige trunks.

看见鳄鱼,就- “爬”

He got down on fours on seeing the crocodile and started to crawl.


The Making of the next Steve Erwin.

Yeeyer, 妈咪怕怕!宝宝真大胆 。

“鱼”  Fishes.

河马  Hippopotamus.



The elephants were the highlight of our trip. They plucked bananas from the container hung up high on the trees with their trunks, and pushed logs around, even attempted to arrange the logs neatly..So cute. Baobao however was too tired and totally not interested in the elephants and tigers.

懒惰的白老虎 Lazy White Tigers

从动物园哭到回家,累。 好玩? 那儿有?

He cried all the way from the zoo to back home, and was naughty the whole evening, so tiring for us.

What fun?

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