Zoo – Part 2 of n

We have become Friends of the zoo, so expect a lot of visits in this year. The Singapore Zoo, is not just a showcase of animals. We like it for a different reasons. Baobao, for the vast running space and greenery and the fun playground ( he has utter lack of interest in animals, cannot appreciate yet ), and for me, I love the rainforest landscape. So Michelle, a visit to the zoo and bird park is actually quite nice when you come to Singapore.

Mandai Road

So bright!

Polar Bear

Bananas! There’s an area with tropical plant foods …Very nice.

Monkey with an ugly face

Polar Bear – Inuka or Sheka

At the water playground..

Creepy-crawlies at the zoo..

Afraid, but wnat to play.

The reservoir

Orang Utan

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