Love Affair with Handphone

The mobile phone has never quite had a place in my life. Right up to year 2001, when handphone was in the rage then, we were the only couple in our circle of friends with pagers. It was an overt decision not to own a handphone. Because everyone had one. Because the TVs, magazines, newpapers and posters on the walls of underpasses said we should. So we shan’t.

In 2001, we succumbed and bought a basic model Nokia N3310, when we were renovating our new home. My Dear wanted the convenience for the contractor to call him to dicuss progress.

We have changed several phones since, somehow our love affair with the greatest fashion gadget in this century never really took off. Last year, he bought me a nice fashionable model for my birthday. But because the company imposed a strict restriction on camera phones, we exchanged our phones. His was from his late father – an old model of N8850.

Last month, this N8850 died on me. Person on the other end can hear me but I can’t hear him. So the 10 yr old phone took its last breathe and went to rest. I began shopping for a new one. Critieria being an ultra basic, with no camera function.


Found and bought this at $165. I was very pleased with myself. “Huiyoo…always get good bargain..”

Even without the camera phone restrictions at work, I have not much use for handphones. I dun get much calls. And fact that I’m seated at the office for many hours a day means people can reach me on the office phone. I used to sign up for lines that cost about $29 per month. After I switched to prepaid card, it takes me about 2-3 months to use up an amount of $20. Imagine how much I save!

I like the colour of the new phone very much. I like its price, so cheap. Until I went online to search ebay and found out there are brand new (basic too) Nokia models offered at $ 80 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bang man. Now the satisfaction for my new, pretty, no-frills phone has decline a notch by that new knowledge. As it turned out I am not as shrewd a consumer as I had aspired to be.

Next time, must remember ebay.

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2 Responses to Love Affair with Handphone

  1. 双喜妈妈 says:

    now I use handphone a lot, gee… don’t know how much will my bill be *sweat*…

  2. earthtone says:

    must go and look for the best deal, according to your usage level okay. Maybe use your present plan for 2/3 months, then can see a trend. If alot of people call to inquire mah si good sign mah..yours use for business, different..

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