Completed Knitted Polo Tee

This was first featured here – Dec 2006.

The year end accounting close brought work to a stand still. I was already 90% finished by then. But throughout the year, never picked it up. Until two weeks ago. It’s a good thing the little tyke hasn’t outgrown it cause I made it bigger, and his growth has slowed.


The Completed Work !

Ta-Da ! Yes, I’m very pleased with the completed piece. Something interesting to note here is, this whole piece is entirely made on MRT and buses ( world class…world class…*echo*). I made use of my long commute to knit. All the thread colour change, piecing of shoulders and sleeves – all done on board MRT. There’s always a hurdle to face fellow passengers’ interested stares when fishing out the knitting at first. But I have learnt to live with it.

He loves it! I put it on for him, he smiled happily at me and pat his chest. Has left his drool on it. (*chop* mine) The sleeves are too long. There’s still work to be done, tucking in the threadlings.

Will post a brighter picture when I can.

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