Cranio Review

Yesterday, we went to KK for Baobao’s half yearly Cranio review. By this time, the Centre  has become quite busy. I remember the first time we were there – when it just begun operating in 2005, it was so quiet.

It took us an hour before we got to see Dr Yeow. He asked some questions, examined Baobao a little. The only comments he made were non-cranio related. ” He’s grown so much!” and “Such a handsome boy!” 

I enquired about the lump that still exists on top of his head. I was surprised to know it was not the ‘gadget’ that was inserted to bridge his skull as what the doctor had told me previously. What I understood was that thing will dissolve by itself eventually. Instead, we were told it was a piece of his skull.

“You can remove it,” Dr Yeow said.” Open up again and mill it off.” To which we just shook our head. Once is enough, the last time he made a cut on my baby’s head, I had felt a innate hatre towards him – nevermind it was to help him. Just seeing a big cut on the skin I manufactured was enough to break my heart.

Baobao is to return for review again half a year later, then it will be yearly visits until he is 18. The review is such a non-event these days that his father is thinking of holding it off. We even once thought of asking Dr Yeow where he’d be on a weekend and let’s meet up at Suntec so that he can look look see see Baobao and and count that as one. haha… But this morning, on advice of my colleague, she said kids keep growing and the doctor’s just trying to ensure the growth is normal.

At the Centre, there were many kids with deformed facial bones, cleft lips. Bless them and their parents.

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