The Many Faces of …

It’s always an enjoyment being with the toddler because there’s seldom a moment of boredom. He has so many tricks up his sleeves to entertain, irritate, and tire me I never quite grow tired of his company. Not a minute of it. I love every minute of Baobao time.

In view of the less time I would have for him when Baby arrives, I’m trying to spend as much time as I can with him, telling him i love him. I think he’s getting quite sick of Mommy trying to hug and kiss him all the time. heh.

I always find haircut a facinating photo moment. Something about seeing him on the high chair, that apprehensive expression, and the transformation afterwards. It’s the normally boisterous kid reduced to a meek, timid little boy. Ah, the transformational magic the chair possesses.

I did not capture the moment he was first seated on the high chair, pouting ,on the verge of breaking down, and eventually calmed himself. That was another precious moment, alas, only captured in my memory.


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