Enslaved by Food

Yeaterday afternoon I felt hungry. Intended to cook something new from the fridge.

Hubby sat at the kitchen door and commented, “Why don’t you finish your food from the day before, then you cook this new food?”

“I don’t feel like eating those old foods.”

“But it will be so wasteful.”

” WHY should I be enslvaed by the foods?! My appetite does not exist to clear old food ok? And there’s no schedule in me to make sure food is consumed in a most efficient manner so that least destruction is done to Mother Earth. Those foods exist to serve me, not the other round!”

Hoi! How can? Just because environment protection is the buzzword now does not mean I am obiligated to eat old food when the rest of the world waste hundreds of tonnes okay?

Evening, he hemmed and hawed over what to eat. There was the leftover dumplings which i made, and a pack of Fried Rice he had earlier ta pau.

I looked at him.

“Finish the dumplings lah! I thought you said we should eat old foods first. It’s sucha waste to leave the dumplings there while you start on the Fried Rice ok?”

“I had too many dumplaings just now, dun feel like eating..”

“So when now you understand what’s “dun feel like eating something” hor?” *tekan tekan tekan gao gao lagi*


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