Epilogue on Dora Sodoku Puzzle Book

His interest waned visibly on the second time I tried to play with him. As opposed to the first time we played, he wasn’t as keen to explore the pages, fiddle with the stickers…

I suspect it’s Dora’s fault. Somehow he could have, out of accident, gradually noticed Dora is a girl. I tell you, he is very 偏心 okay?  Girl is OUT for him. But it would be wrong to think boy heroes are in for him.  It’s CARS *spotlight, play majestic music* Cars just do it for Baobao.

As mentioned, it was $20 for 3 books. One of them is a compilation of 4 books, each on Bus, Fire Truck, Freight Train and Train. That book is still in his favour now. Why lah? Girls so cute wat. I love Dora, she’s so cute and mind you, she goes places..

Animals are okay; Car’s are great; girls and princesses – not much chance.

Few days back he asked his father to buy him a bag.

“Papa, I want to buy the bag. Must have wheels – can pull on the floor type..”

“Oh, like the one Zixuan has izzit?” Papa asked..

“No..the picture is not like hers, I want a Thomas one..”

Yim chim.

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