Jurassic Park

They beamed The Lost World – Jurrasic Park over TV last evening. We watched the show with Baobao.

It was very enjoyable to watch it with him, because he enjoyed it so much. When the characters are talking, he’d be playing with legos. But came the exciting scenes of Dinosaurs, that little guy sat up straight and was all eyes and ears. He was totally taking in the Lost World. The best part was when the thrilling scenes ended, he would turned to us in bewilderment, wild eyes and all,  like he just met the dinosaurs in person. The expression was priceless.

Baobao’s company is always enjoyed by us because he revives the wonder of life in us. That twinkle in the eyes. Like the first time he succeeded in pooing in the toilet, he’d jump up from it and pointed to the toilet, and  squealed with joy. It was so cute and delightful as his parents we were almost tempted to throw a party to celebrate it.

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