Starhub Customer Service

Last evening, I went to Harbour Front to collect our repaired camera. Cannon Warranty Centre was located at the swanky Keppel Bay Tower. I rushed there after work and arrived at 6.45pm. the centre closes at 7pm. There was not much crowd, did my business and was out of there by 7pm.

Then I proceeded to have dinner at Harbour Front. Was disappointed that the Pepper Lunch stall has closed down. It’s quite fun. They serve beef and rice on a sizzling hot plate and you’re suppose to pour your own sauce in and goreng a bit on the spot. So I settled for beef noddles. Simple, expensive but the beef is quite nice.

Next I went on to Vivo City to get to Starhub Customer Service Centre. I wanted to cancel my internet dial-up account and apply for broadband. Yes you read me right. In this day and time, still got people use dial-up and that’s me. As you would have been familiar by now, I’m about the cheapest skate one can get in town. Always figuring how to get my level of required service at the cheapest price. Been using dial-up and then Starhub Flexisurf if I needed broadband.

So now change plan.

I inquired at the reception and was told to go sign up for a new braodband account at another Starhub outlet 3 shops down. Now you may not be aware, that Vivo City is actually built for the decendants of Gulliver. 3 shops is about 60-70 metres away. I saw a notice board beside my queue about being able to purchase my top up card at the shop and made a mental note to return to do so later.

Then I waddled down 3 shops to get to their sales shop. A kind young man gave up his queue at the reception for me…that was too sweet. 🙂 I got a number 6047 and it was 6041 then, the reception guy told me to wait 6 more. Only 6.

Cameron Diaz and Jude Law then kept me entertained for the next 50 mintutes.

50 dang minutes.

for a queue of 6 persons.

By the time it was my turn, my mood wasn’t in its prettiest state. To add salt to injury, I was told repeatedly by the salesman that the promotion of $17 instead of $26 for the first 11 mths is only available for existing Starhub customer. But but but, I am an existing Starhub customer! I have internet dial-up, flexisurf and am using its Prepaid card. No one can be more existing than I am!

No count. Have to be an existing customer of Post Paid Mobile line, Starhub Cable TV or its Broadband customer. My eyes nearly rolled to the back of my head. Isn’t the promotion about trying to convert your existing cheapskate customers to a more stable business? If I am using those premium services now, I wouldn’t be applying for the Broadband now.

Then he told me, ” Actually I shouldn’t be telling you this, but maybe you want to try this promotion and get a new mobile line for….”

By this time, I have gotten pretty pissed with the whole thing. It didn’t help that salesman had looked like he needs a punch in the face when I first saw him. He repeated “I shouldn’t be telling you this….” …Anyway, I turned down the ‘offer’.

After signing up for the new account, I was advised to proceed back to the shop just now to cancel my dial up account. I breathed much to suppress the exasperation. At the other service outlet, I was to take another queue number and queue agin. As I sat down, I saw frustrated customers complaining about the waiting time. Again I waited for about 35 minutes there.

The service officer fished out a photocopied form and filled it out for me on the spot. The primitiveness of the form surprised me. Now we are talking about Starhub the info media service provider.  The need to sign forms in person, and to have to use photocopied forms instead of having the system filled out the info from the database was also very low tech. Small wonder the queue took so long – on a Monday evening.

SaxoMarket, Fundsupermart, and wait even the Singapore Pools, in comparison, do not need their customers to go down in person to sign forms. Starhub has some learning to do if it wants to get ahead.

When finally I am done after 2 hours – from 7.30pm to 9.30 pm, I realised the prepaid card was sold at the other shop. The notice board I read at this shop earlier was to inform customers what they DON’T do in this shop.

And why, only 60-70 metres, I waddled back again. I asked the receptionist and was told that the card could be purchased at its cashier’s counter. I looked over, it’s 15 metres across the shop and there’s a physical queue infront.

I wanted to cry and cut up someone and eat him/her up at the moment. Thank goodness the hormones are calm this time and I controlled my frustrations.

Enough Starhub for one evening. My husband must have thought I disappeared from earth cos he couldn’t get me on the hp due to my value being flat.

I waddled down to grab a bite of Koren finger food and as fate would had it, met a blurrest stall keeper on earth who went on to serve another customer before giving me my change and then uttered and muttered when I asked for the change back and her other customer asked for the food.

*breathe* deeply

By this time, it was most comforting to know that at 9.45pm, I was one side of island trying to get home on the other. Only south to north, not east to west. Thank Goodness! Singapore is just a small little red dot. Then I saw the taxi queue in the distance…maybe only a little longer than the distance between the two esteemed Starhub Shops. In my heart, tears and blood flowed. I wanted to just sit down and wait for sunrise so that I could go to work the next day from here.

The saving grace? The train trip from Harbour Front to Sembawang took only about 45 minutes.

And I was home 10.30pm.

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