Starhub Customer Service II

I lost my handphone a few days back. I was not a bit heartache over it. For one, it was a cheap phone, something you can’t wait to lose so that you have reason to buy a new one. 😛 Two, my line is a seldom used. More like a Walkie Talkie between my Dear and I.

In Singapore, Prepaid cards have to be registered. So I called to cancel my card. Customer Service Officer gave me two choices.

1.) Go to Starhub Service Centre to cancel the old card. Apply for a new one and have the remaining value transferred to the new card.

2.) Call Starhub to cancel the old card. —

ET : “So if I do not want to have the old value transfrerred to the new card I can just call to cancel?”

Starhub: ” Yes.”

ET:” Which number?”

Starhub: ” 1633″

ET: “Which I just did.” (Duh)

ET : “Can I cancel now?”

Starhub:” Yes.”


I chose option 2.

I’d rather lose $15 than to make time to go queue at one of those very few Starhub Customer Service Centres in the whole of Singapore, and waste my precious time.

Take the $15 and use it to contribute your improve customer service fund.

So, will I now apply for a new Starhub prepaid card?

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