Chaotic Sunday

I wonder what came over us yesterday. It was a chaotic day.

I purposely mopped the floor on Friday so that Father and Son can enjoy a clean house over the weekend. We took to the newly renovated Yishun Mall on Saturday. When we returned, Meimei was over hyped and fussed throughout the 4 hours that Baobao napped. So I had no time to rest.

She woke up 5am on the next mornng. Fed, pooped, then fussed till it was 7am. Naturally, I did not have enough sleep. 

Sunday we did little. Brought Baobao to see a Chinese physician near the town centre. He has been having runny nose for nearly a month now.

Then we returned. He ate and took meds and went to sleep. Meimei fussed and woke him up. Later Baobao refused to sleep. I bought him some colourful clays to play with earlier. While I was tending to Meimei, he helped himself and made a huge mess out of them. Mixing the colours up into one big ugly mess and smeared them on the floor. ( ouch, my floor) I made a big fuss and scold scold scold scold.

Afterwards, maybe due to not sleeping, he became fidgety for the whole evening. While Papa rocked Meimei to sleep, he played with his toys and made nosiy sounds. Papa who was watching his favourite Wei Xiaobao show only kept scolding him and asked him not to make noise to wake up Meimei.

I was washing dishes, later surfing the net. Did find some time to tell him a story or two before Meimei cried to be fed. Papa borrowed so many books and they are strewn all over the floor.

Everything was just so chaotic. 

Came bedtime. Baobao flipped and turned and still played. I was nursng Meimei and he would not listen to me. I had to use the cane to reign him in.

Hooo…I miss Baobao now. He’s a good boy. He’s been sidelined eversince Meimei arrives. We are just too busy to attend to him. He’s been abit listless over the weekend. Played with his toys lying on the floor. I’m thinking it may be the running nose, making him tired. Will be monitoring him.

Imagine, I am not working, we are too busy tending to two kids and a house. And ourselves! ( Just had a tiff with hubby last weekend, complaining that he’s not caring for me enough.) Things are okay generally. Only yesterday dunno why everything felt like a mess.

Calm returns to the house today..

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