King of Pop on TV!

I’m not sure if you guys still read my blog…but I saw something most hilarious lately- King of POP on TV!


I din notice when I first saw it – but the second time round…WAHLIAO I peed in my pants laughing.

杨国祥!What were you doing on TV ?!!!

Want more?




I love the new song btw! Very catchy.

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3 Responses to King of Pop on TV!

  1. Yanyan says:

    Wat you mean?

  2. earthtone says:


  3. 阿谁阿谁 says:

    她会很伤心的… 哈哈..


    your son look more & more like mr spring, hehe..

    btw, i am not “king” of pop,
    it’s “god” hor.. haha..

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