New to Cooking

Cooking is new to me.  I’ve never quite seriously cooked regularly for the family before. When Ah Por just got senile and started putting the electric rice cooker on the stove, I tried to cook for my family then. I lasted for all of a couple of days – not sure maybe a week or so. Then I gave up.

It takes time to slowly build up a repertoire of dishes everyday. I’m not sure about the experienced cooks out there, but I get mini panics in the late aftrenoons if I have not conjured up what dishes I were to cook that evening.

I thought about meal planning, and then via internet, realised a lot of people do it. They plan the week’s menu beforehand, buy the ingredients and cook the meals per plan. This saves one from fretting over what to cook daily. I’m still trying to come up with the dishes to plan. But I found out one downside of this method. Cooking and eating is a little like what one decides to wear for the day, sometimes it’s not until that day comes that you know what you want to wear or eat that day. You could have planned to cook potatoes, but you just dun feel like eating them that day.

Anyway, let me build up enough dish ideas before I start. I try to note down what I cook everyday for two weeks now, so that I have enough to plan.

I’m slowly getting the cooking part. I find it extremely interesting and am beginning to understand why there are so many food blogs out there. Cooking is a facinating activity.

I even try to come up with specials every now and then. Every afternoon, there’s a PBS everyday food cooking show on TV chnanel 5. I have acquired some western/mediterrenean styles from there.

There are hits, there are the so-sos and then there’re the misses. I think they are about 30-30-40 in that order so far.  The husband prefers home cooked meal – even though I have served him many many undelectable dishes in the past two months. He says at least there’s more variety than the food courts.

And – one of the main reasons why I wanted to stay at home, is to cook for Baobao. I cannot bear the thought of feeding him outside foods on a long term basis at this age. We tried tingkat dinner before. Even though we tried two providers, we got tired of the food after a few weeks.

Food is such a important part of life. How can we be easy on that?

Even though I have clocked up quite a lot of misses in the kitchen, I love my progress, love the simplicity of the dishes, and am loving it all.

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