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Fuiyoh, dun write some more my sister will scold me @Facebook. Faster come and do home work.

First time on Earthtone, I’m featuring a fellow blogger – UC aka Greenapple.

Thanks to the economy and our little ones…and Facebook!,this year brings UC and Vivien and I closer together. We had been playing games on Facebook and exchanging daily messages – because the game requires so. It’s really enjoyable exchanging one liner, and in the process of doing so, we have known each other better.

UC is one helluva very detailed and thoughtful girl – and mom – and wife. I really envy her for her way of doing things. Comparing myself with her, I’m the type who draws with kindergarten thick crayons and she draws with fine colour pencils. Reading her blog, I’m impressed at how she always has attention for the little things in life. AND the time to blog about it.

I love the way she communicates. She’s coo, but firm, has her own mind, yet has lots of respect for others. My daughter will do good if she has Auntie UC’s high EQ.

I have also seen her sending gifts to various friends on internet.  Betrays her thoughtful nature.

The thoughtfulness in her, comes through in a smallest way. I love reading her comments. You can really see that when she leaves you comments, she’s has read what you wrote carefully. It’s a huge compliment to pay to somebody. Like in my long-time-ago-when-mata-wear-tay-kor-(shorts) post, I am always riled with people who go on and on and on about themselves. (Dun get me started with people who cut me on my sentence, when I’m president of Singapore, these people will all go to jail. ) But with UC, I find the almost extinct quality of good listening. Have to commend her on that. HAVE to, listening ears are so rare these days.

I’m sure we are very in tune now because we lead very same lives. I am glad that at this stage of my life, I meet someone like her as a companion. Don’t just believe what I say, if you dun know her already, hop over to her blog, request for a password to see her adorable babe, and you’ll probably think I’m understating her virtues. 🙂

Wah…this is my 3rd, erm, 4th post in “It’s not every time about ME”. Shameful.

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