Meet My Lovely Greens


As a gardening newbie, I was not expecting much. In case the seeds do not germinate, I threw all the 100 seeds into the pot, in a haphazard way. Left the pot at the ledge. In about 3 days, seedlings were spotted. Can’t remember how old the above seedlings were when this pic was taken. But boy, they sprouted like nobody’s business.

Aside from lettuce, I also got some unknown seeds from, maybe the potting mix I bought, and they grew like weeds! I left a couple of them growing and …I think they look like papaya plants. So I have a couple of papaya trees growing at my ledge now. I dun intend to keep them as I don’t have the space. But, 2 months now after I started the garden, they are still sprouting every now and then. I’m getting quite sick of their sprouts.


IMG_8866After they are a little older, I moved some to this long pot. They love it! How do I know? As I had many many sprouts, those that were moved here grew the best.  Those that were left in the germinating pots grew thin and long.

See that one small seedling in the foreground, which is different from all others? That’s the papaya plant.



Here they are a few days before I harvested them. I don’t have a picture right before I harvested. I was too excited I forgot.


Below are the lettuce from this morning, when the sun shone lovingly on them. See how they love it? They’re soaking it all up.


Below are 2 worm eye’s view of the lettuce garden, showing again, how they are loving the embrace of their Mommy Sun.IMG_8860


See that funny plant in the middle. I don’t know who she is. She just flew in one day and planted herself there. There’s one other tiny baby alien plant a lettuce up this pot. I’m leaving these babies in there. This only proves one thing. When you provide free lunch and accomodation, rest assured many will turn up at your doorstep uninvited. 🙂 I have YET another unknown plant which is flourishing at my germinating pot. I’m still figuring out who she is. When I’m done being curious, these babies will go to the  rooftop garden below. Sorry, Mommy has not enough space to house you kids.


Here, I only remember to take a pic after cutting them off. Cooked them in some soup for dinner that day. It felt like magic. Because it was the FIRST time ever I grew something and it’s edible. I smoothed my hands over 那几条菜 over and over again as if they were silk. Tasted just like the ones bought from supermarts. Expecting some harvest again tomorrow.


Meet Baby basil. I have about 5 of them now. Sweet Basil they are, DG. I heard lavender may take 20-30 days to sprout. So I’m still crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. X


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6 Responses to Meet My Lovely Greens

  1. wow the greens are lovely! i just bought hk kailan & brinjal seeds yesterday… am going to throw em into the soils come weekends…

  2. UC says:



  3. Vien says:

    wah..u really got patience la. if it is me, i’ll just buy those small potted sproutlings to plant. lagi cepat mah!

    • earthtone says:

      then it takes the fun outta the whole farming thing..but I may try to buy later…if I can’t get what I want to germinate..thought of doing a one pot herb garden.

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