New Bracelets !

Just posted these bracelets over at Twinsmom’s shop. Made them last week and I love them. Been walking around with beads and bracelets in my head for a while now. While editing the pictures, I asked my Dear to buy one for me…hehe.. Anyone?

Turquoise Swirl 

This bracelet owes its main beauty to the focal lampwork bead. Its a lovely swirl of aqua and gold (GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! –  earthtone’s favourite colour).

Turqoise Swirl Bracelet 1 copy


Turqoise Swirl Bracelet 2 copy


Turqoise Swirl Bracelet 3 copy


Material:Lampwork bead, Turquoise and Chrysocolla beads, metal beads and toggle clasp.

素材:琉璃珠, 绿松石, 硅孔雀石,金属扣珠和切换扣。 Price 价格:RM60/SGD 25



Rose and romance goes hand in hand. When I finished the bracelets, the name came into my mind readily. This would be a lovely piece to wear for a date.

Romance 1 copy

Romance 2

Material:Porcelain rose, Pearls, Rose quartz chips, and gold coloured toggle clasp.
Price 价格:RM60/SGD 25


Ethnic Beauty

Actually this bracelet makes me think of the Dowager Empress of the Qing dynasty. Probably suitable for someone more mature. But I’m not that old and I love it. I wanted to use these two colours because they are colours of the trees… add the metal beads, I didn’t quite expect it to turn out such a heavy ethnic feel. 

Ethnic 1

Ethnic 2

Ethnic 3

Material:Agate, Turquoise, metal beads and toggle clasp.
Price 价格:RM60/SGD 25


All these bracelets are good for wrists 15 cm and below.

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