Hello USA!

We have touched down for 3 days now but are still jet lagged. As my Dear packed the camera in the check in lugguage, I am not able to write a country pumpkin post as this onewith flight pics.

Quite surprisingly, the flight went well. I guess I must have prepared for the worst mentally. I had mental pictures of one of my kids falling ill on the plane and the other walking up and down the aisle upteen times, and thus was very paranoid before the flight. Turned out, the reading and preparation I made beforehand came quite handy. From advice given by Vivien and the internet, I brought sticker books, story books, snacks, warm clothings, baby food and a cushion for Meimei (who is on an infant ticket with no seat). The activity books were particularly useful. Meimei was well occupied with the sticker book, and I even enjoyed some time with her while she pasted them right. ‘enjoy’ – I never prepared to enjoy the flight.

And I prepared right for not to enjoy the flight. For save for that small moments with Meimei, it’s just all work. If she’s not sleeping, I will be entertaining her. And when she slept, she slept on my lap till my bums were numb from it. A total of 24 hours from take off to reaching Batesville…hmm….i need some bum balm. Towards the end of the flight, you just dun feel like sitting anymore. It was 7hour(SIN-JPN), 10hours (JPN-MINEAPOLIS),2hours (MIN-IN), 1 hour (airport – destination). Not counting waking up 4 hours before flight time.

Baobao on the other hand, was totally well-behaved. He watched Tom and Jerry on Papa’s laptop, played activity books, ate well, and slept when there’s nothing to do. He was not doing well before the trip. Having fever, runny nose, and kept saying he felt weak in his legs. So I was very worried about him. Turned out it was ok. I joked to my Dear, next time when he exhibits those symptoms again, we’ll take him on another long haul flight, you say? NO, I’d lock us up in the bedroom for one whole day just sitting on the bed, trying the best simulate long haul flight condition without paying the money. Cheapo me, remember? kekekeke.

Before the trip we were also worried we’d get asked alot at the custom. For while we are on a Visa Waiver Program with the US, it’s no guranteed entry. Possible to be shut out and have to get on the next plane to go back, if we dun satisfy the customs that we’re there just for a short while and not to overstay. We prepared quite some documents to indicate our commitments in Singapore. Good thing we met a rather easy officer that day. With a letter from the company, we got through without much fuss.

And then you look back and think, all those worries before the trip, never materalised. Over worry? I guess it’s better to be over prepared then to be caught unprepared.


And so here I am. Thrid time in North America. First time, with my young friends to beautiful California. My friend hosted us and had exciting programs all lined up for us. Second time to Vancouver for work. This time, the excitment is considerably muted. Mainly because I consider it work, to travel with the children. The focus had all been on their needs. And too, traveling with my Dear, who is as excited about travelling as he is about going to Sun Plaza, adds to the lack of anticipation.

Batesville is a small little american town with just 6000 residents, possibly less than Sembawang. lol. At first when we googled the place we just couldn’t find much info about it. Too small, and too not happening. As we travelled from Indianpolis Airport to our rented apartment, the landscape was monotonous. Flat, flat land dotted with occasional houses. You can tell it’s not deserted, because every few kilometres, you can see a few houses, but they are SO SPREAD OUT. There only a few streets (meaning about 30-40) in the town. I just drove my Dear to work into the town today. Love the houses! All so pretty! I’ll take pictures tomorrow, when I’m more confident with my driving.

Or is it because I’m older now. The things you enjoy is no more SPLASH! WONDER! AWE! But small subtle little things. I look at Batesville with its lack of anything touristy, and somehow feel we are going to enjoy our time here. I’ve always loved to experience places rather than just visit, so this is the best arrangement for me. So far the super crisp and fresh greenery is already quite enchanting. I can sit beside the cool window and listen to the birds chirping for a long time.

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