I Need To Blog

Excuse me, please I so NEED to blog. My children are at last asleep for the day and I have some energy left. Can I come in here and BREATHE~~~ for a while. OMG OMG OMG OMG.

By the time we were shopping at the supermart at 8pm just now, I had to tell Baobao to please zip his mouth. “Can please dun talk? I’ve been hearing your voice the whole day my ears are bleeding already. ” I just feel as if I have been hearing their voices for, forever! I’m suffering from the “too much children” syndrome. Blueh…..I had to beg their father just now to please take them out for a while tomorrow and let me ears rest.


So where have we been the last two weeks? We’ve just only adjusted for jet lag after 10 days. During that time, the days and nights were topsy turvy. The children would go to sleep at 2pm and wake up “for the day” at 12 midnight! Then they’d play through the night and sleep the next day at 10am.

Ha, it’s ok as long as they do that together and I follow them. Except if they sleep in the day, they’d be interrupted when I need to ferry Papa to and fro work.



Dun let’s talk about the children. BLUEH! My Dear was just talking to me and I told him to shut up. My ears are really bleeding for the day and I just wanna TALK TALK TALK TALK. If you are reading this post and are thinking, ” Hey…..”


Dun even be thinking anything OK! Just LISTEN TO ME.

Heh…sorry, I just need to scream.

It’s a long weekend here and people are going away to enjoy. As we drove out this evening, we saw cars towing boats and caravans. “Hey guys, dun worry, we’ll be around to look after your ghost town..!” Haha..

We’ll probably go explore the nearby cities, Indianapolis/Cincinnati. We went to a very interesting small historic town Metamora last Saturday. It’s quite special. There was an old train, boat towed by horses. All the shops look like they are still in the early 1900. I loved it. It’s a 30 minutes drive from our place but the road is very winding, and Meimei didn’t like it.

I’m driving for the first time after I got my driver’s license. Except for having to get used to the left hand drive, I must say driving is quite easy in the US. The traffic here is not heavy, and lots of parking so you dun need to squeeze through cars to get to your lot. The first time I drove I was driving really slow and gingerly. Now I’m getting more confident after a week or so. (So tomorrow can go Dayton in Cincinnati to play Daytona..hohoho)

Life’s quite routine in the weekdays so far. But as I get more confident with driving and more adventurous, we get to do more things. In the early days, it was just getting Papa to work. We din even dare get down the car. Then one day, when the sun came out, I took the kids down and visited a grocery store on my own. At first I didn’t dare go anywhere without my co-driver (hubby) besides me. Now I’m more adventurous. We’d cross the highway to MacD for breakfast after sending Papa to work.

MacD here in the morning is like our coffee shop downstairs. Alot of old uncles drinking coffee. Yesterday I left the kids outside when I went to the loo. There were quite many people and 2 cops around so I figured it was safe. When I returned, Baobao told me a cop asked him his name while I was gone. He told me he wasn’t shy and said his name. I was so proud of him. One for speaking up and second, you can understand the accent ah, chinaman?! haha. Dun say leh, people now go to K1 very clever now, no more chinaman.

The camera died on us on reaching here. So no pics.

Food wise, we’ve been buying supplies from Kroger’s (the NTUC equivalent of Batesville) and cooking on our own. So far I cook rather decent Chinese food. After finding shallots, garlic, soya sauce, ginger later, the cooking is getting more and more like chinese. Before it was wochester sauce in place of soya sauce. Taste very light. And without shallots, the pineapple rice paste I got from Singapore just dun taste the same. I came prepared, brought a couple packs of sauces from home so that in the event of “missing home food” I have chicken rice, tom yam, pineapple rice, and nonya curry. Should be safe to get us through the month.

But I have also been watching alot of food network. And see how angmohs cook. They like to make sauces. And there’s this Paula, who speaks with a heavy Southern accent, who likes to put SO many things into one dish. I followed their style (not the recipes, the style of adding everything) for a few days, all rojak, dunno taste like what. Because the way they go, it’s like anything just mix and add salt and pepper can go. And then so RICH. One day she made a cream sauce with crab meat, stuffed it inside a BIG prawn, and then wrap that with a bacon strip and bake. I went like eeeewww. walah, can save the earth and eat more simply or not?

But hoh, the MacD loh, still have MacBiscuit leh~~ Got Sausage biscuit!! We dun have that in Singapore like 20 years already…It’s very nice…a bready crsipy on the outside sandwiching the sausage. Somemore US$1 ong-ly. yum yum.

And last week we were looking for Walmart in another town and found…….PONDEROSA! If I hadn’t seen it here, I totally would have forgotten about this restaurant. It has pulled out of Singapore since a long time ago.. It’s quite cheap here and the buffet is $6.50 with a good spread. hubby’s salad plus steak ong-ly U$4.99.

But that aside, grocery here is generally more expensive than NTUC. They dun have fishcake and tofu. But I just found tau geh ( bean sprout ) today, tucked away in a small corner at Krogers. No yellow noodles, no dark soya sauce so I cannot char kway tiao.

Not that I’m missing home food yet. Before this my Dear asked me at home, wonder if I would be able to find the ingredients to cook here, I said, “please lah, as if I’m cooking very Chinese in Singapore.” I dun totally. I use alot of tomatoes, pumpkins, greens, meat. I’d fry avocados..Easily, I was sure these would be available in the US.

This is the US. Resource rich. We were OVERWHELMED the first time we stepped into Krogers. Breads and canned tomato sauce alone can occupy one whole section of an aisle. Tomato cubes, tomato sauce, whole tomatoes etc etc etc. So many.

I’m not sure if I’d go crazy as we stay longer…I think of the children and my head pain. They’re ok, totally. They eat well and play well. Except Baobao started having headaches two nights back and it worried me to death. Me, the worrysome person..I got a lil’ depressed yesterday and today because of that. Hope it will go away.

I do miss home a little. Last time I thought it was because my Dear and Baobao was not with me, but now that my whole immdiate family is here, I still do miss my home. I think it’s normal, we are animal of habits. I feel as if once I step onto the Signapore ground, there’d be this sense of relief, freeing me of all the anxieties I’ve been feeling in a farway foreign land. My mind finds comfort at the thought of being back in Singapore.

BUT, I still want to remember this is a good opportunity to be here and to enjoy and see more of the world while I’m here. America is a very very nice place. People takes care of their surrounding well. And having grown up under American influences, I do feel some affinity to the US.

And admist all these, Meimei’s growing up so fast! I dun have time to document. She speaks so much now. And picks up languages really fast. If she started talking much later than Baobao, her progress is way fatsre than Baobao. She speaks in short sentences now.

” 爸爸。。吃饭,多多(哥哥)不要吃饭。

Very fast.

Ok I dunno how much I blabbered, but I feel a wee bit better. Feel like there’s this load in the head waiting to unload and now I’m 20% lighter. Now go and surf. Thanks for listening, now you can start to think.

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