Can I Stay?

By the end of this week, which is 3 days away, we’d be here for half the time we should be. How time flies.

I enjoy it more and more. The weather is a little like Singapore now. We are indoors mostly. I drove the kids into the small little town centre this afternoon, when they nearly went crazy with boredom, and I visited the craft shop which I had eyed on since we just arrived.

The shop front was not attractive but it carried quite a lot of interesting things. Fabrics, scrapbooking stickers. I bought some fabric and thread, and made a camera bag for our new camera.

Right before I came for this trip, I was very into quilting small purses/pouches. So for this trip, I wasn’t very interested to buy anything except craft things. (ssshhh.. my beading phase is in a dormant stage now…shhhhh *embarassed*). So I’m excited to find this shop. But because crafts takes time to do, I probably won’t be buying too much things. I have too many craft supplies at home. Although I drool over craft supplies, I try to control myself in buying new supplies (TRY TO, but still buy abit)

I love this little town. The town centre is not exactly beautiful, but it just has its own charm which I cannot describe. I did take some pictures, they aren’t very post worthy, not very pretty. But I just love it.

Our apartment is on the same road (Winding Way) as a certain residential development Hollingdale Commons. For since we were here, we always wonder what holds down that Winding Way. Last week, we drove in for some exploration and to our amazement, therein lies a beautiful estate. We took pictures of the houses, I mean my heart just soared seeing those houses. But with a photographer’s eye, I just (too, like for the town), dun find the houses to be very pretty on pictures. Probably because they are not colourful, mainly red bricked. But they are beautiful in a understated sort of way! I dunno, maybe it was the light, maybe we should have come down and walk, most pics dun tell how beautiful they are. I just love the estate.

So before we got to Batesville, we were prepared it’s a small town with nothing much. Turns out it IS a small town with nothing much, yet it possess a charm that is understated it’s hard for me to express.

We were at a playground park and I saw two teens playing tennis at the tennis court. It was a quiet Memorial Day afternoon. Those kids aren’t out there shopping or partying. Just playing tennis. I could hear their voices against the quiet park. It’s appeared that they were just playing tennis, and not going anywhere, not even trying to win over each other, just enjoying and whiling the afternoon away. Reminds me of the children playing in a beach side kampong in East Coast Malaysia.

Everything in Singapore is so purposeful. Even R&R has a purpose. That is. so that you recharge and have energy to do what you do. But here, I’m reminded of the spirit of just be. No hurry. I find it hard to do it myself, because I feel like life is too short to be whiling time away, I feel like there are so many thigns to do in life, I’m at the half way mark and have not done much. I’m not sure I can adapt to this kind of lifestyle, but none the less, I deeply enjoy the ambience.

Do nothing and just be.

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