On Formula Milk & Inflation

You know, all the talk about inflation is really happening, slowly right before our eyes.

I’ve been out of the market for formula milk powder for some time now. Meimei drinks breastmilk, while Baobao, we stopped him on milk for about a year already. At first, I complained that his Friso 4 was too sweet tasting. “What? After forbididng him to eat any sweets, he goes to bed everynight and down all those sugar? Are formula milk suppose to taste this sweet?” We started mixing his Friso Gold formula with some normal adult full cream milk powder. He did not like the taste and plus we stop letting him drink out of the bottle, I dun remember how, he stopped drinking milk completely. For a year now. I absolutely have no notice any difference in him.

So now that we are going to switch Meimei to formula, I was appalled to learn that Friso 3 now costs $28 for a 900g tin!

When we had Baobao, I still remember we chose Friso brand because it was the cheapest. Baby below 6 months 900g I remember was about $22.00. And this was normally the most expensive category. Now even Friso 2 costs a whopping $35! 900g.

phew *wipe sweat*

So it was no joke all the time those guys were shouting buy gold to hedge against inflation! People who are reading my blog, you know I have been quoting that guy for some time since 2-3 years back. It’s really happening. Gold has risen so much now, I’m not sure I can buy some more. And I am a little worried.

Milk powder has not been the only thing that’s rising. No. Snitary pads too. See I haven’t had my periods when I began pregnancy all the way to when Meimei was about 18 months. So it was a good 2.5 years. Kotex 10 pcs pack cost about SGD 2.10 when I stopped. When I bought it again couple months back – $2.90. a near 40% increase!

It’s scary, this inflation thingy. I think it’s going to go on. Probably a good hedge would be to buy gold/property. For the rest of us poor people, bear with it. 😦

Oh, some more about formula milk. I seriously cannot see the worth of those milk for my family. Probably good for busy parents who may not have enough time to prepare nutritious meal for their children. So, not that I’m joining my sister to diss formula, for I think they are really useful to some people ( like infants with not enough nutrition) but people should not buy them like they are necessities. I made a calculation for a bottle of 120ml milk make for meimei – S$ $0.70 per feed. And then she doesn’t finish them all the time and all those money goign down the drain…

Normal children her age probably take 250ml per feed. At $1.50 per bottle. 3-4 bottles a day, these aren’t cheap supplements for normal households. Other parents dun need my accounting mania to do that sums. When they have to fork out $28 every week for toddler, they’d know the pinch.

No, I dun think formula milk is necessary, if you are feeding your child meat and greens and the reds and oranges. And giving them good excercise everyday. I’m just saying these because I dun like parents to rely on it as if it is a neccessity as it’s marketed to be.

What other items have you noticed to have their price sky rocketing to to the moon?

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3 Responses to On Formula Milk & Inflation

  1. UC says:

    don’t go formula loh. whole milk/full cream milk is what >1yo can take here in US.

    and i don’t see a problem with that. formula, come from milk too. much lesser being processed.

    go organic milk if you can find.

    my son, who is a picky eater, relies on the calories from milk to grow …

    • earthtone says:

      yes, that’s a good alternative, UC. I will consider that.

      Formula milk is regarded differently here as in US. In US, it’s just an alternative. I can see that because you dun get a whole shelf filled with different braqnds of formula milk – like your can tomato paste. 😉

      Here, if you go the local supermart. One whole shelf dedicated to all brands of formula. Says something about the market.

      As more babies are formula fed from birth, it’s easy for the milk powder company to continue marketing the older versions to them later. People are not quite well informed of other choices they may have.

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