Children read the weirdest books. At the library, Baobao gave me this book to read.

Bugs pizza.

Fact :- Bugs are eaten in 100 countries around the world. They are crunchy, tasty, and laden with proteins, vitamins and minerals.

I read this, my voice and face stayed straight and matter-of-factly.

Honey Ants. Looks quite good huh? Aborigine’s sweet. The ants eat nectar and taste sweet with the sacs filled with necatr.

That wasn’t so bad.

Stink bugs. Nothing too interesting. Yeah bug food, big deal.

Meimei, try.

And then…

Grasshopper pizza.

Since we are good friends I thought I’d share the food with you all.

I TOTALLY lost it. ok lor, you can eat it. but did you have to put them on pizza???!!


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