From Beautiful Cookware and Dinnerware….

The other day I saw this pot at the pioneer woman site

Swee boh? It looks really nice. I hopped to the site she linked and saw that the price was SGD 164.

She also has been recommending Fiestaware

You can imagine what has been floating in my small housewife mind lately.

Elegant cookware and dinnerware!

But btw, that purple pot is nowhere near SGD 164. I read wrongly. It’s a WHOPPING SGD 464!! For a dang pretty cast iron pot. The Fiestaware, however, is alot more affordable for me.

It’s a pity I only read about Pioneer Woman’s recommendation after I returned from US. We were given USD 60 per day allowance by my hubby’s company. We were not able to use up that money and by the end of the trip, we had a couple hundred dollars left. Bought some amazon gift cards so that we could use them later. Actually, at the back of my mind, I was already dreaming of some cookware or dinnerware. But because that money was not mine, and it doesn’t look like my Dear shares my fascination with kitchenware, I did not press it. Plus, I had wanted to find these stuffs but did not have time to.

Lemme explain abit about my computer time in the US. I had wanted to bring my brother’s laptop over so that I could surf using it in the day, when hubby took his own lappie to work. But he said, no lah, too heavy. Plus, maybe we could get an ipad while we were there. The sound of ipad quickly “TING!” made me drop my bro’s laptop on the floor. In the end, we never were able to decide if we wanted the ipad, drag till the last week it was too late to order cos the waiting time was like 2 weeks. I ended up only getting to surf at the wee hours after the children fell asleep. That explains my lack of updates over there. My husband – schemer!

Or I would have more time to shop for some pretty kitchenware. They have so many pretty things in the US! Some time back UC, you asked me how did USA compare with back home? One of the reasons why I said we are still second world compared to US is the design aspects in our lives. Everything, from houses, furniture, stationery, gifts I felt like they have much more superior designs (cute, pleasing, more variety, colourful) there than we do here. Oh wait even the highways. I was driving accross states and totally appreciated the signs on the highways. I loved how we were given ample notice before some exits happen on our right. When you use good design, you feel like the designers of those signs are taking good care of you. It’s an amazing feeling. I have some more to say about design, but maybe another post.

I dunno, maybe it’s just because you in an entirely different environment and that heightened awareness just makes you more sensitive. But I just feel things are prettier in the US – and without much effort too. IT didn’t look like people try very hard to come up with those nice designs.

So the other day I heard a speech from our Minister of Foreign Affairs George Yeo alluding to Singapore being “almost first world”, I was thankful I am not the only person who thinks that. People like to call us first world for the superior infrastructure and amenities we have, but in terms of culture ( that’s where designs belong to) and graciousness, I think we are totally second world.

So lor, the cookware lor. If I had known about Fiestaware then, I woulda bought something from there.

Now, when you read about my Home and Garden craze lately, DUN think I dun know. I know.

About what.


Those pretty clean pics are but a lie. Those cooking shows, they are accomplices. I’ve been watching them with a pinch of salt. I see they use those shiny and clean cookwares and then just put them away after that. Ha! Just putting them away. And then the next show comes on, hey, shiny cookware appear again!


I know ’cause I have been scrubbing my kitchen top crazy lately. Those shiny pretty kitchen pics are big fat lies. I’d spend an hour cooking, and then half just cleaning up. For the past year, my Dear had been the one doing the dishes. I was busy breastfeeding Meimei and had no time for dishes. His standard of work was … erm. ok. Anything left INSIDE the sink got washed. Outside, at just on top besides – ignored. And he did not clean the cook top. It’s always unsatisfactory but hey beggars dun choose ok.

So now that Meimei is not such a handful, I gradually take over the aftermath. And it’s just so much work trying to clean up so that everything looks nice and shiny again. I’ve been doing this crazy thing for erm about 3 nights and am already thinking in my lazy head how we can streamline this.

So so so so so – new kitchenware? Yes yes yes, I will still be looking out around here. I have dreams about replacing the WHOLE collection of all my mismatched crockery, but probably not very possible. Have to think about it slowly. ( till it never gets done haha)

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2 Responses to From Beautiful Cookware and Dinnerware….

  1. UC says:

    誒那些cast iron的很重的,拿起來就很jialat了……

    我有想過買一個cast iron,不過我的是electric stove, 估計cast iron用煤氣爐比較傳熱,就打消念頭了。


  2. earthtone says:



    I think ALL men do things the same…they are too focused!

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