Notes to a Lovely Loaf

I’ve baked bread quite a couple of times before. Oh the previous ones came out ok too.

Some Not.

But this one makes me LOVE it ~

This loaf is partly UC’s fault. But I’ve been kind of bored lately (busy nonetheless) so borrowed books from the library and found a pretty good book.

The River Cottage Bread Handbook by Daniel Stevens.

Dusted the top with wholegrain wheat. Love the rustic look. (Have I said it 3 times already? :P)

While the recipe is almost the same as previously, this time, I added more water and kneaded much longer and understand what texture is needed at last. Last time I added the water till it got abit soggy and I stopped. (The Great Baker) the me decided the dough was too wet. But this time, I followed through with the recommended amount of liquid and then kneaded the dough much longer.

Also, as recommended by the new book, rather than baking the bread on 180 celcius from start to end, I started with 260 for the first 10 minutes. And stepped down to 200 later. The book recommended if pale, 200; brown, 180; quite brown 150. It baked for about 40-50 minute.

If I would let it rise more times, I bet it’d have a killer bread. Very happy with this one already. When I first took it out, I eyed it critically. But then I remember the sifu in the book said, every bread lovingly made is good, dun be too skeptical. And I learn to enjoy this one.

Would lovew to bake it more – but it took 3.5hours in all.

Oh I did try the 汤种 as recommended by UC, couple of days ago, but it din quite work for me. Guys at home love them though. They love the hard kok kok type.

I forgot to note down the recipe:

500g bread flour
1 and 1 quarter cup water
Half tbsp yeast
2 tsp salt
some milk powder
Some sugar
Abt 2tbsp rice bran oil

1. Made a yeast solution with warm water and let stand for 10 min.
2. Sift and combine salt, sugar, flour.
3. End of 10 min, add milk powder to yeast solution.
4. Slowly add liquid to dry ingredient to form a wet dough. (Add with one hand and mix with the other)
4a. Knead in the oil
5. Start kneading … for 15 minutes.
6. Make a round dough and let it stand in an oiled bowl in the oven till it doubles in size. (Abt 45min)
7. Punch down the dough. and Shape it into desired shape.
8. Let it proof for another 10-15 minutes.
9. Put into bake pan. Sprinkle water and dust on wheatmeal.
10.Set oven to 260 deg C
11.Bake for 10 min.
12. If pale, set to 200 deg C, brown – 180, quite brown – 150.
13. Bake for further 40-50 min.

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5 Responses to Notes to a Lovely Loaf

  1. UC says:

    nice!我也借了幾本外國的bread bible,不過不知道要start from那一種。選來選去都沒有下文,哈哈。

    let me try this recipe……

  2. earthtone says:

    very good! I won’t be surprised the results may differ. I dunno why, but somehow baking is like that. same recipe but result different. I so would like to one day master the soft crust type like that cheese bread you made. see if got friend gave me one of the alex goh books you have, I tried, but also hard kok kok. i’m sure it’s not the recipe’s fault.

  3. 湘绣蜻蜓 says:


  4. earthtone says:

    Thanks for your encouragement! Have not heard from you lately. How have you been?

  5. UC says:



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