Separation Anxiety

Even as a SAHM, with no imminent threat of leaving my children at childcare looming in the horizon, I can’t help feeling separation anxiety with my children.

Separation? Yes, from their growth. As they grow, they become more and more independent. Eg Meimei does not breastfeed as often. And Baobao can spend time on his own perfectly well without needing to come find me every 5 minutes.

As I had mentioned in my last post, I have a huge sense of insecurity if I am doing something for too long, and leaving the children to themselves for too long. But later, I found that, it was not because I was neglecting them, it was really a natural reaction to them not needing me as much. Of ocurse they still do come and find me alot, just not as intense as before.

This will keep happening, they will grow further and further from me as they grow up. As it happens gradually, not abrupt, I dun feel anything wrong until I start to think about it. Just a wee bit of discomfort, but it’s there.

OH my lovelies, let mommy hug you as much as I can!!! Love you so much I can’t bear for you to grow up so soon.

I think I speak for all mommies out there.

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