Baobao @ 5

Baobao’s not yet 5, but here are some significant events.

First Dental Visit

I really should consider getting a better camera – erm, when I go back to work. These pics just dun quite make it man.

When we first walked into the room, the doctor told me his approach. That he will be really gentle and make sure it does not leave a bad impression for Baobao. So when he began, he went about reaaaaaallly gingerly. Baobao, on one hand was shy, on the other, didn’t understand English very well, and on yet another (三只手)not quite used to being talked to ssssooooo gentle. So when the dentist asked him questions, he din quite respond.

Dentist said too, if there are many work to be done on his teeth, he would not do it at one go but break into 2-3 visits, same principle, dun wanna scare the kid.

After inspecting his teeth, he said, “3 things”

1.) Quite clean, so no need to scale
2.) All the neccessary teeth that should be grown at his age are grown. And they are well spaced, not too close. IF too close, the later teeth may not have space.
3.) General good oral health.

Basically, he said we can continue doing what we do now. Cos he’s doing fine now.

I’m so proud of this assessment. In a way, I take it as having taken good care of him in this respect. And mostly all I do is to insist on having them brush their teeth before bed time and not allow the to eat too much sweets.

The later is not too difficult as Baobao does not have a sweet tooth. When I first let him try Candy Floss at the Cincinati Zoo, he spit it out, saying it was too sweet. And whatever junk food we eat, he will stop at a certain point. Frankly I marvel at that, as I am the cannot stop type. End up always kena scolding. “See? You say we children cannot eat too much sweet and junk food, but your eat so much yourself..” 😛

My guy. Abit shy. That was teacher’s assessment during parents teacher meeting. The teacher said he’s very quiet in class. Only speak when spoken to, not as bubbly as other kids are. At first, I blamed the teacher inside. I told my husband. She’s been teaching him for 6 months and there are 20 kids in class, she could not draw out the bubbly side of him…? Baobao at home is nowhere near the shy kid in the words of his teacher. He’s so chatty and noisy I need to ask him to shut up alot of times. Or threaten to use the cane if he ignores me.

But when I saw him at the dental clinic, going all blank at the dentist’s inquiry, I believe we will need to work if we want him to be more outspoken. I asked him why he does not speak at school. He said the children are very noisy and he does not like it. They’d disturb him with their noise and he could not concentrate on his work. Baobao’s really mature in this respect.

Another time after school, we were looking at the children’s work at the notice board outside the classroom. Baobao explained to me part of the work was done by K2, and some, by his class. He pointed to me which part and also explained some details. Then Miss Sandy walked over. He became all quiet. She also explained the children’s work to me and asked Baobao which part he did. But Baobao did not answer. I saw it with my own eyes how shy he is in class.

But all was not lost. In view of that, I wanted him to train his vocalness. So I gave him an assignment to go ask Miss Sandy some questions the next day. He was to ask her “Where do you live?” and” “Do you have any children?” (satisfy mommy’s kpo at the same time).

Next day, while Ms Sandy was checking his temperature upon reaching class, without any expression in his voice or face, he asked her the question. Ms Sandy replied, “Oh I live in Singapore!”

When I saw how Ms Sandy replied him, it partly affirmed my first instinct earlier, that she does not connect with Baobao at a deep enough level to draw him out of his shell. It was patronising. You could see she was talking to him but not talking to him. Well, I’m not sure if she talk with him different in class withou parents presence. I suspect it’s the same.

No, I don’t blame her. Teachers are people and they come in different shapes and sizes. I do not expect every teacher to be totally connecting to the kids. As it is, Baobao likes her alot already. And I totally admire her temper, for she never shouts or scolds the kids, according to Baobao.

I was mainly concerned Baobao will be lacking some kind of social expression in this respect. To not be able to express oneslf well may be construed as not so bright or be psuhed around by his peers.

But on the other hand, I am not overly worried. I was shy all my life until my 30’s. But eventually I overcame it. Baobao, with my noisy character, will too one day, be able to express himself well like I do now.

A few days later, I saw something that pleased me alot. The naughty kid I mentioned before who shouted at us when he got worked up,remember? Well we couldn’t avoid him and Baobao would play with him and other classmates after school in the park. One day, while I was chatting with another auntie, out of the corner of my ears, I overheard a conversation between Shean Wu and Baobao.

BB:” 我不要跟你玩了!为什么你要拿那个水瓶打我?玩就玩啦!你打我我就不要跟你玩!”
SW:“不是, 我只是。。” (trying to explain he wanted to touch BB with the bottle to show he has ‘caught’ BB)
BB continue repeating the above phrases, and eventually I heard Shean Wu said, “ok, 对不起啦, ok?”

I was so proud of both of them.

So one worry is laid to rest. That he’s able to stand up for himslef if need be.

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