My Mom’s Kitchen 妈妈的温馨厨房

妈妈的厨房 – 东东很多,却整洁,明亮,温馨。充满生活的气息。

    Pursuant to my Home & Garden craze, I’ve been scrutinising my kitchen lately. I realised there is too much clutter and have been clearing them out.  I thought that to have a great looking kitchen, I must keep it clean and clutter free. But my mom’s kitchen proved me wrong.
    It was stuffed with provisions and utensils, but because my mother keeps her kitchen really neat and clean, it feels very warm and nice to me.
    Of course there’s the element of it being my mom’s kitchen, which makes it really special for me, in a way I cannot express…


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6 Responses to My Mom’s Kitchen 妈妈的温馨厨房

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  4. 很整齐干净有条理… *like*

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