Blog Changes Sep 2010

If you have noticed, I changed my wordpress theme! ok, ok I dun mean that, I’m sure anyone have noticed that. But have you also noticed I do not password protect my posts anymore? And I have allowed comments.

There are new changes to this blog.

I have decided to add this to my marketing tool. So from now on, as you can see, the link is there for my blog shop, I will be also adding a link for my etsy shop too.

Nothing too major, but just a note. 🙂

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4 Responses to Blog Changes Sep 2010

  1. 双喜妈妈 says:

    finally, now I can link your post or whatever.

  2. UC says:

    eh but how come the newer posts don’t allow comments … i love the photos by the way … especially the grandpa with grandchildren one …

  3. earthtone says:

    aiya, my default is not allowed lor…forget to check “allow”. they are ok now.

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