Preparing for Birthday Party Pack

Baobao’s birthday is on 23th Oct. Being the ever busy and scatter brained mom that I am, I decided to start early preparing for his birthday party at school. Bought these cute pens to begin with :

Aren’t they cute?

He has been OVER enthusiastic in helping me, bugging me to start packing them since last week.
I’d like to say, as shown from these pics, that we had a great bonding session working on it, but this morning’s session culminated in me screeeeeeaaaaaming at him for bugging me all the time, and not doing some jobs well. (and crumbled some paper packs…gggrrrrrll )

I will post pictures of the finished party pack later…

Remembering the last time when he helped me when he was 2,

3 years have  passed…

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