Saying Thanks to…

While I am not a comment whore, as in even if no one comments on my blog, I will write as and when I please, I still wanna express my thanks to all of you who leave comments at my blog.

They are always encouraging words. And small phrases that say you like some of the things I/Baobao do.

Special thanks to Twinsmom , who’s always supportive of what I do. We just went back this past Sep and she’s looking more powerful by the day, especially now that she makes more money than me, I hereby submit to you, my esteemed Big Sister. hehe.

And my good blogger friend, UC. Who even on some difficult days of her own, she always leaves a perky comment.

And Dragonfly leaving short encouragements that always brighten the day for me.

And thanks to all my friends who read my blog. At least I know there’s one place I can say things and be heard. To a woman ( and a sometimes very long-winded one), that’s having done a lot for me. 😛  

Nothing very big deal, I deem it right to express thanks to the people who make my days better every now and then.

I have only left a first comment at Sally Shim’s web page lately after reading her blog for close to 3 years, thanking her for the links she provided in her blog. I have been to many beautiful places through her links.  No other motives, suddenly just feel grateful, that’s all.

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