Toilet training for Meimei @ 25 months

I never knew what to expect for toilet training. And frankly, I’m just plain lazy. to even read up on it. As with all the baby achievements, I take for granted that when things are to happen, they would happen. So I took the approach after my Grandma in crossing the road.

Sidestep abit to my Grandma’s philosophy on crossing the road. Her method? Don’t look! Once I was crossing the road with her in her old age, she signaled me to quicken my steps and not to look at the cars coming in our direction. I think she meant that the cars would look out for us..haha.

baby toilet training

Anyways, about 1-2 months ago, Papa took the initiative for Meimei’s toilet training. He suggested she should be off diapers at home. For a few long weeks, I needed to wipe the floor clean as Meimei peed on the floor. There were a couple of times where I had to wipe of the “big business”. But it’s always funny for me, although abit stressful – due to the smelly business.

Sometimes when I am tired, I will just let her wear diaper. And mumbled and blamed Papa under my breath – that she’s not ready yet and we were rushing it. Because she’d sit on the potty and said she couldn’t go.

But, the cloud cleared and sunshine has at last come through – yesterday. Except for one accident, she communicated and did all her businesses – big or small, in the potty! *throw confetti around potty*

Oh, this is those ordinary people run the marathon story. It’s no biggie in humankind history but for a mom, it’s sucha happy and proud moment. 

No. Not because it had been a difficult time training her. It had NOT been at all. I imagined I had to keep reminding her to go toilet and carry her to the throne every 2 hours ( which to me is a real pain to do). I can’t even keep up with reminding them to drink water. oh wait, I can’t even keep up with  reminding myself to drink water often, with my scatter brain.


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