Fiestaware Pitcher

I have a chance to own a fiestaware pitcher!

Remember in this post, I talked about how I would have bought some Fiesta dinnerware had I learnt about them when I was in the US? I have a chance to buy something now, as someone will be going there for business soon. Yay.

I love the pitcher most – est. So I will get one.

Which colour should I get?

The lemongrass and shamrock (bright green) first caught my eyes. Like, if you are going to get Fiestaware which offers a gazillion bright colours of course you should get the most psychedelic colours you can lay hands on! Scarlet was also a good choice.

When I clicked on the periwinkle one, I was thinking,” Yah sure, cute colour name, pretty flower, boring pastel yadda.  But when I saw the bigger pic, I ,eh, erm, liked it too.

Then there’s the timeless ( boring ) white and black, which, admit it, boring as they are, still look so classy and beautiful.

I wonder which one I will settle on eventually….

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