Ramblings from a birthday cake

I just made a birthday cake for Baobao to bring to school for the celebration. It’s a simple small chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting topped with peaches and strawberries. It looks quite pretty, but somehow I did not enjoy making it. It’s the same amateurish rustic looking cake as ones I made before.

I had not been able to gear my mind to making it so far. Even though he had asked for a car cake for the longest time. I knew I would not make it. I have been very occupied with growing my store and did not have the disk space to think other things.

And making a cake does not begin a week before you need it. I planned Meimei’s princess coach 1st birthday cake when she was 6 month old.

Not just cake making, any kind of crafting. You need to get into the flow of it before the product becomes good. Which is why I’m always complaining about my drifting from craft to craft.

There was this story I heard before. About an artist. He’d go meditate in the bamboo forest for a week or so before he finally begins his art. I can relate to that, even though I’m not doing things that are too arty.. You really need to get into the flow.

I had the same problem when I begain sewing this year. God only knows how hard I fought with my sewing machine. She just sulked like I had neglected her in the past few years (which I had. :P) and refused to cooperate at all! Every few runs I made I ran into some kind of stitch problem. We have just become better friends only lately.

So, this Baobao cake thing, I really hadn’t wanted to do it because, I somehow just couldn’t find a mind to do it. Meimei did not even get a cake from me this year. Wait! She did!


Here’s the real deal:-

MUAHAHHAHAHAHAH…! My Dear and I were saying hey, I could easily photoshop it into mega size if we want.  But I tell you hor, it did not matter, because she didn’t stop talking about the Doremon cake she had for a long time after it. She loved it!

Baobao. Is a different story. This guy had been very jealous and attention seeking lately, so I thought I had better do something to appease those endless naggings I get in the household..  

There’s nothing money-saving in making a birthday cake. All the ingredients are not cheap. In my opinion, store bought cakes are much cheaper, and sans the hard work that comes with it. I say we should leave it to the expert next time. 

So why did I still do it? Amateurish, non-conventional tasting cakes, hard work, expensive and not enjoyable? I guess as a cake maker daughter, it’s hard to admit defeat. And, I really really want to let Baobao know, how much I love him. He’d take the cake to school and memories will etch. Maybe he won’t appreciate now, but when he looked back later, he’d remember being doted by Mommy. (But I’m sure to Baobao, an Optimus Prime cake woulda topped that memory.)

Mommy love you, Baobao!

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One Response to Ramblings from a birthday cake

  1. 双喜妈妈 says:

    哇!好大的生日蛋糕!I Mean 那个有小叮当的。

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