Mystery of the Missing Breast

Meimei just made me laughed so hard today.

Usually, if we are lying while breastfeeding (or at this age, more appropriately – suckling cos dun think she’s drinking much from me anymore), if I lie on my left, she suckles on the left breast. Same goes for the other side.

As it’s very tiring to always lie in the same position, tonight, lying on my right, I placed a pillow infront of me, let her sleep on it so that she is elevated and can suckle on the left breast.  

When she was done with it, as usual, she began to look for the other breast. “这边好了,还有外一边”… she’d say. So since she was lying on the unusual position, she began to look for the other breast on the wrong side. Lying on my right, my rightie was under the pillow that she just slept on. Done with the left, she began lifting my shirt to my left arm to look for the other one. Of course she couldn’t find one, and then she began to cry.

All I did was keep laughing,”哎哟,nen nen 不见了怎么办啊?”

She made me lift my left arm high, and even tried all the way to my back, but couldn’t find the other one. It was so funny I just kept laughing.

She was distressed.  Was lifting my shirt, crying and looking everywhere. I didn’t feel like my upper body belonged to me at all, the way she searched all over.

Finally, I had to show her where the other breast was. I rolled over and told her she was looking for the right breast. But apparently she was too confused, and insisted that wasn’t what she wanted. Eventually she settled for the left one again and went to sleep..

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