Photoshop Wonders

Now I don’t wanna brag, but I’m really really pleased about my photoshop skills. Not in the way that “I am so great, I know photoshop!” But more like” I’m so thankful I learnt to use it because it’s such a great great (great!) tool!”

I can’t remember when, but once I borrowed a book from the library a few years ago and sat down ( did not have kids yet ) in front of my pc and religiously went through ONE important lesson. Selection. Using this powerful tool, you can extract any part of a image from a picture. And because of its usefulness, I was sold and totally hooked on wonders of Photoshop. This pushed me to keep learning new ways to use it.

Like Excel, I really kowtow the people ( there’s a long long list of them) who put this program together. I mean, no big deal with knowing how to use Photoshop, it’s the people who came up with this tool that makes it easier for us that should get the credit. 

Let me show you one of its wonders:-

It was Children’s Day 2010. The school let the children go in their own clothes. Even though Meimei wasn’t going anywhere, she wanted to dress up too. Being so nice, both of them, I took some pics for them at the garden outside his school. 

First picture. Meimei’s smile was perfect! But not Baobao’s.

Second picture, Baobao’s smile came on, but Meimei’s has subsided.

Since the background is similar, I combined both shots. Using the magnetic selction tool, I went one round around Meimei’s head in the first picture. This tool is quite easy as it will follow a distinct line by itself so you do not need to use so much effort to carefully trace the line yourself.  After that, copy out that specific area and paste onto the second picture. Adjust the size and rotation abit… 

  There! The perfect picture.


Late night now @ 2.31am, it ain’t fun “adjusting” my Meimei’s head up and down to the correction position…no matter how brightly she’s smiling ~~~~~~~

 “Moooommiiie~~~~~what~~~are~~you~~~doooo~ing with my head?!~~~~wooo~

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