Baobao’s 5th Birthday




Anyways, I want to note down his birthday details, because who knows, I don’t believe my own pc’s data saving capabilities anymore. On the web is much safer!

Here’s the afore-mentioned birthday cake:-


As I mentioned, make your own cake is only one word – leychey. Have to make my own box too..

But I acutally found out box making is a very enjoyable process! So I will be making more boxes in days to come.. (NO…!!! more crafts!)

His Optimus Prime drawing in magnification  – only quite ugly,to complement my ugly box. What can I say, we are one team. 🙂


Sorry, I know you don’t need that but I love “The Making of …” stories.

I gave the camera to his teacher and got these pics. Here’s him with an awkward smile cutting the cake

Making a wish…I asked him what it was and was told it’s a “SECRET”.  

His Blue Group group mates Siew Yee and Matthew.

Happy Birthday To You~

Happy Birthday To You~

Happy Birthday To You~

Happy Birthday To You~

Waiting to go home….

Ah…adorable 5 year-olds…

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2 Responses to Baobao’s 5th Birthday

  1. 湘绣蜻蜓 says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to bao bao.

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