Blogging Downhill?

My sister Twinsmom says she’s thinking of quiting blogging.


Dun lah, just go for a rest. kpos like us need to know what’s happening in your life. Yah, I guess it’s a habit after 5 years of reading your blog, I just feel out of touch when you do not update. “What’s happening in your life right now?” I keep wondering.

For someone’s who’s too busy to update my own blog, not very convincing  isn’t it? Quite sadly, the Malaysian Mom blogging circle seem to have slowed down alot. I’ve always been in this circle, so I can see there are less updates these days. Guess people have gone Facebook and Twitter.

But for me, as I have been reading ang moh blogs alot, I’m still motivated to blog. Because you can feel their energy, so you keep going. Dun ask me, but sometimes I don’t even know what I blog for anymore, really. After reading UC’s posts on her password change, in which she mentioned why she blogs, I wonder about myself too.. 

Really, nothing. Not for business, because if so, I really need to be more diligent, and exclude those personal posts. I blog business because I love many aspects of it and am living it, so it has to come into my blog.

For record ba…in comparsion, Meimei gets so much less coverage than Baobao did in the past. I think I probably need to drum it up for that. Now not that I have a super valid reason for recording those small little moments, some of which also lost their flavours to me as time passes…So, so so…



Maybe like LS…HAHAHAHAHAHA…have to do regularly or energy block.

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4 Responses to Blogging Downhill?

  1. UC says:

    come come let me help you.
    you blog to tell me story, otherwise i feel so lonely in my lonely world …
    you are like a extended family members of mine and i would love to find out more …

  2. 湘绣蜻蜓 says:

    那我就没地方可以享受、消遣了。。。 啊。。。。。

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