New Fabrics in My Store

I’ve been dragging my feet as the photo taking takes up so much time, but I’m happy to list something new in my shop (at last! ). Just wanna share some of the beautiful fabric I’ve added…feast your eyes! 

They are nothing too fancy, but a lot more pleasant to photograph due to their vibrant colours.

Swee boh?!! I’m so excited about them. 😛

Here’s one that features many herbs. Probably a more mature pattern..and I LOVE it. What does it say about me? 😦

This last pic is not final yet. As it’s a very beautiful piece, roses on a newspaper print background. But I have yet to picture it perfectly. So far I really have a lot more fun taking pics of fabrics.

So far, I’ve seen countless beautiful fabric online and have resisted the urge to go down that road of selling them. I just wanted to do something of small sizes, which is easier to inventorise for me. But I guess I have fallen to my fabric desire. So I will list some from now on. 😛

Only the top 2 fabrics have been listed, the rest are not yet. So you got the sneak preview here. Treat it as eye candy for you, my blog buddies! 🙂

Visit my etsy shop for sewing labels and embellishments.

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